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Wordpress Updates

Recommended regular updates to your WordPress site

  • WordPress Core update
  • Theme update
  • Security services
    Apply security patches, setup and monitor specialized security software, vulnerability scans, intrusion detection, and distributed denial-of-service prevention and mitigation
  • WordPress Plugins
  • Create a fresh backup of your site and data
  • Test your site speed
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WordPress Update Service

WordPress is an amazing platform, but unless your WordPress site and all its plugins are kept up to date; it can be quite vulnerable to security issues.

By now we are all aware of how prevalent website hacking is, and the huge amount of damage that can be done by hackers in a short time.

Software updates are critical to keeping your WordPress website, data, and customers safe from malware, viruses, data breaches, and general hacking.

Update your WordPress site NOW, before you have serious issues

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What Our Clients Say

Judith L

River Bend Signs

BCseo have been maintaining and updating our website for many years.
Our site always runs smooth, has never been down for anything but short maintenance windows.

We find this service to be a worthwhile investment in protecting our web site and visitors. As well as making my life easier and letting me focus on my work.

Maureen B.
Critter Care Wildlife

We are thankful for Scott and BC SEO, they quickly take care of any and all issues that come up.
They work quietly in the background making sure we have no security problems or down time.

Graham D.
Genesis Restorations

Keeping our site secure and well oiled, provides peace of mind.
They are always quick to reply or address issues; they keep us ahead of the curve with great advice and timely updates.

Dave D.
Proline Acrylic & Fiberglass Repair

Very reliable, They have removed the stress of dealing with cryptic messages from our website, and host alerting us to problems.
Now the site runs well and no more annoying and worrying messages.


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